We also sell plain black dirt also for $ 27.50  per yard 


$  27.50  per yard  Quality nutrient rich farm dirt, compost (to keep soil looser and maintain moisture) and sandy loam to add body and promote drainage-this is a popular top  notch mix!



$ 18.50 per yard -Fine sand with about 8 % dirt-easy to work with and grade; excellent for starting sod and hydro seed lawns-a favorite of landscape contractors. This is also structural fill and back fill material.

We  secure only the best bulk components for our blends . Our experience plus quality ingredients have led us to develop the best soil mixes for your application.  We have 3 excellent composts to build healthy soil, supply organic matter & valuable nutrients, increase water penetration and improve water holding capacity, stabilize pH and loosen soil.

50/50  Mix 

$  25.50  per yard  

HIgh quality nutrient rich  black dirt and compost premixed for your convenience-use in sandy areas that can make use of existing subsoil or have good drainage already.




$  44.50  per yard   Made from washed dairy manure-this is OMRI certified for use in organic growing-great in vegetable or flower gardens -this nutrient rich soil amendment is fantastic!  


$  37.00  per yard   Clean yard trimmings & food waste mixed and processed to produce quality compost   


$  43.50  per yard  

"Turning  dirt into soil " since 1977-made from green and brown wood products (clippings, limbs, leaves, etc. and biosolids.)   EKO promotes growth in all areas, esp. lawns-a favorite of golf courses - fine screened and black -this is a long standing favorite with a great reputation.